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Achieving Positive Outcomes Together

The MBAwareness Educational Program teaches practices that develop children’s capacities for focusing attention and regulating emotions and kindness, all to improve well-being and encourage success in school and life. As students practice, they are developing the skill of sustaining attention, even in the face of distractions. Attentional skills are vital in the academic environment.

Let’s make this year different. Good different.

Orientation Video           24min.

Need a refresher on what to expect with the MBAwareness Education Program? Check out this Orientation video for all the info you will need! 

Get Ready

It is time to send home the Parent Letter and Media Release form. Please send these home as soon as possible. It is our hope that they will be returned with signatures prior to our start date. Please keep a checklist of the signed Media Release form to ensure that we have one from each child. We will collect and make a copy of these forms at the start of the program. 

Additionally, it is time to give your students in grades 2-4 the Pre Assessment. (Grades K-1 do not take the pre-assessment!) Each student will need a computer and the link to our assessment:

This link can be added to your Google Classroom for easy access by the students. We ask that you administer the assessment as you would a standardized test. Please, read the questions to the students as they choose the best answer, and have the pre-assessment completed by the end of our first week of classes. It is best to administer before the SEL classes begin. If your students are not skilled in Google Classroom, we have other options for administering the assessment. Please contact me for those suggestions. [email protected] I am very happy to help you with this process.

DELAY DAYS and SNOW DAYS? If MCS has a delay or a snow day, all MBAwarenss classes will be canceled and will resume with the next regularly scheduled class.  

Missed a lesson? We’ve got you covered! Just find the lesson video below. We will post the next day.

Important Resources

Our final day of classes is April 1 and April 13.  Post-assessments will begin on April 13.


9:30-9:50 Kithcart (2nd)
10:00 – 10:20 Shaw (1st)

Glorioso (3rd)

Aivaliotis (3rd)

Perez (3rd)


Hoovler (K)

Laka  (K)

1:10 – 1:30

Early (1st)

B. Buchanan/

Gibson (1st)

1:40-2:00 Segura  (K)

Niedermier (K)

Rice  (K)

To make-up a live lesson by attending another classroom’s time:

  • Check-in with your instructor to be sure there’s space

  • Click the time that works for both you and your instructor



Vaught (2nd)

D. Buchanan (2nd)

10:00 – 10:20

Loughry (1st)



Hartz (3rd)

Matthes (3rd)



Burris (2nd)


Uszak (K)

Canzobre (K)


Temple (1st)

Lerdo (1st)


Murphy (3rd)

Priess (4th)


Video Library

Stay tuned for weekly updates!

Lesson 1 Review: Mindful Body

Lesson 2 Review: Being Present

Lesson 3 Review: Mindful Brain

Lesson 4 Review: Mindful Listening

Lesson 5 Review: Finding Your Anchor


Lesson 6 Review: Body Sensing


Lesson 7 Review: Heartfulness


Lesson 8 Review: Anchor Words


Lesson 9 Review: Generosity + Gratitude


Lesson 10 Review:        Mindful Thinking         


Lesson 11 Review: Mindful Seeing


Lesson 12 Review: Mindful Emotions


Lesson 13 Review: Mindful Eating


Lesson 14 : Mindful Movement (K-1)


Lesson 14 : Mindful Movement (2-4)


Lesson 15 : Mindful Walking (K-2)


Lesson 15: Mindful Test Taking (3-4)


Lesson 16: Remember, Forever