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Transform your school into a mindful learning community!

Our evidence-based mindful Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) programs are easy to teach, integrate, and provide a big impact on your students’ lives. Our student-centered, trauma-informed, and equity-driven classroom programs help students focus better in class, make better decisions, manage their emotions, build resilience and more!

But we know that mindful classrooms start with mindful educators. Our new Intro to Mindfulness course is designed to give educators foundational tools and resources to improve their own social and emotional competencies. Studies have shown that incorporating mindfulness into the lives of educators can lead to improved mental health, reduced stress and burnout, better relationships, and higher resiliency.

Healthy teachers who are passionate about their work cultivate healthy classrooms and students.

Educators who take our courses are able to enjoy their work, engage with their students in a more meaningful way, manage stress, and teach more effectively. Plus, the course is flexible and can be accessed from any laptop or tablet, fitting into any busy schedule.

All of our student programs are led by a licensed teacher and certified mindfulness instructor. And as an added bonus,  professional development participants earn CEUs upon course completion.

Join the mindful learning movement!

Create a healthy, happy, and successful learning environment for your students and educators with Mind Body Align.

Mindful Classrooms

Our in-class eight-week program is the most effective way to introduce and integrate mindful social-emotional learning into your school community. One of our certified instructors will come into each classroom and teach important social-emotional skills. Proven positive outcomes.

Teacher Professional Development

Mind Body Align’s professional development meets your in-service needs with proven, positive classroom benefits. Choose between 3 hr. intensive training, full-day, or multiple sessions to bring evidence-based SEL techniques into the entire school community. 

Our Education Team

Directed by a licensed teacher with 20+ years of classroom experience, our team leads educators and students to a new classroom experience. Learning these important mindfulness-based SEL skills opens up opportunities to learn. We show you how.


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