The Mind Body Align At School program teaches practices that develop children’s capacities for focusing attention, regulating emotions, and practicing kindness. These improve well-being and encourage success in school and life. As students practice, they are developing the skill of sustained attention, even in the face of distractions. Attentional skills are vital in the academic environment.
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Shark Breath Poster

Students learned how to transform themselves into mindful bodies. Remind them to get into their mindful bodies often! This lays the groundwork for all activities requiring focused attention. Shark Breath is a great tool for this when you are transitioning to a new activity and need their attention. Download the Shark Breath poster here. We’ve also included Tips for Creating a Mindful Classroom! 

BONUS! Snow Day Tips + DIY Mind Jar!

Download our DIY Mind Jar flyer now to add more SEL fun to your classroom! Check out these *NEW* Teacher Tips, too! 

Mindful Listening + DIY Rainstick

Students learned about the brain and how important it is to take those deep breaths to open up the prefrontal cortex that allows them to learn.  Click right into your Teacher Tips. They are a gold mine of new ways to use these important SEL tools and techniques. The mindful listening practice offers endless opportunities for the students to practice listening. Continue the learning with our DIY Rainstick lesson. 

Body Sensations + Mind Jar

As children regularly practice control of their breathing, a new habit is formed and a new pathway in the brain is activated. The more it is practiced, the more mindful the children will become. The one minute of breathing practice that you do with your group several times a day will help them build this habit of focus and emotion regulation. Enjoy the Mind Jar Recipe as our special gift to you this week. And get some calming tips and tricks to use anytime in your classroom.


Spreading Kindness + Anchor Poster

This week, our mindful SEL lessons focused on Spreading Kindness to create connection and using Anchor Words to help train attention.  When you guide mindful breathing during your transition times, you can remind your students “breathing in,” “breathing out.”  You can also encourage sending kind thoughts whenever you sense tension or division in the classroom.  Get your Anchor Poster here. Be sure to download your Weekly Teacher Tips for ideas on how to practice with your students.


Gratitude + Giving

Giving you the bells during the generosity and gratitude lesson was a happy moment for us. We hope you will enjoy using those in the classroom. Now that you have your bells and breathing balls, start using them to practice SEL techniques every day! Consistent practice is key. We have another gift for you this week! Check out the Generosity and Gratitude Poster  (or this printer-friendly black and white version) for your classroom and some ideas (Teacher Tips) on how to engage your students in showing generosity and gratitude.


Mindful Seeing + Emotions

Mindful Seeing and Mindful Emotions are both rich lessons you can use at any time to give yourself and your students a mindful pause in your day.  Pausing to look closely at your surroundings or to gaze out the window in awe at nature are both beautiful practices that offer rest and respite from the fast pace of the school schedule. You might even notice what emotions come and go as you practice mindful seeing.  

Check out the SURPRISE here and be sure to check out your Teacher Tips for the week.

Mindful Eating + Mindful Movement

This week we experimented with Mindful Eating and Mindful Movement, both practices that help us slow down, enjoy the present moment and savor the good.

This week we have a little something different for you to enjoy: a 4-minute audio to help energize your afternoon. And remember to take a look at the Teacher Tips this week for some inspiration and bonus ideas for you and your students.

Mindful Walking + Test-taking

During our last lessons, we practiced mindful walking and mindful test-taking. I truly hope these techniques help you and your students find balance and grounding as you move through your days. But even if you find things going sideways as they undoubtedly will at one time or another, being mindful of it, noticing, and paying attention to your experience in the moment will be of benefit to you and your classroom community.

We have another fun surprise for you this week. 3 min. Audio guided meditation for mindful test-taking We hope that you will enjoy using this meditation to help your students calm down and prepare for tests. And be sure to check out the weekly resources for the latest teacher tips!