MBAwareness Educational Program

Program Post-Assessment Grades K-5

Thank you for taking the time to complete this post-assessment. Your feedback is valuable and will help us to make improvements to future programs.  This link can be added to your Google Classroom for easy access by the students. Please have the post-tests and evaluations completed by April 16, 2021. For a downloadable version of the assessment directions, click here

Please Note: If your students are not skilled on Google Classroom, we have other options for administering the assessments. Please contact [email protected].


Please complete the principal evaluation. Thank you for your time and consideration throughout the program. We look forward to receiving the feedback that will help us make our program stronger and more successful.

Grades K - 1

  • No post-test for grades K-1
  • Complete the whole class evaluation (one for each classroom) – Please read the questions to your class and record the answers as your students respond
  • Complete the teacher evaluation

Grades 2- 4

  • Each student will complete the post-test – please read the questions to the students as they choose the best answer
  • Each student will complete the student evaluation – Please read the questions to your class and guide them through the evaluation
  • Complete the teacher evaluation