New program prevents classroom disruption and supplies pencils and other needed tools to encourage self-regulation and the development of executive function

MANSFIELD, OHIO, USA, August 17, 2023/ — Kids across America are headed back to school, supplies in hand. In the hustle of any school day, what may seem to be a small disruption, like losing a pencil, can create a barrier to learning.

Breaking down learning barriers can often be accomplished with mindful actions and simple tools. In a new program announced today, Mind Body Align LLC is giving educators pencils and other real tools that solve real problems faced each day in schools. Mind Body Align’s Pencil in Every Hand program gives school leaders pencils for students and other mindfulness resources for educator use. School leaders will have the tools they need to offer a simple yet powerful reminder for students who may become dysregulated to take a moment to pause and tap into their own self-regulation skills. These skills also develop executive function, which is critical to learning.

“No one can learn when they’re dysregulated, and not having a pencil is often the catalyst for dysregulation for students,” said Julie Braumberger, Director of Education for Mind Body Align. “Finding a replacement pencil can be disruptive to the class. Teachers often need to purchase them using their own money. The Pencil in Every Hand initiative provides students with the tools they need to thrive. These pencils are reminders to pause, self-regulate, and regroup when unexpected things happen in school. It’s these little acts of support and empathy develop skills of executive function and transform their learning experience.”

“Together with educators, we are imagining a world where every student can bring themselves into a state of calm focus. This world has fewer disciplinary issues and reduced teacher churn out. Let’s get these tools into every hand and prepare kids for life,” said Annamarie Fernyak, founder of Mind Body Align.

Follow the link to order a batch of pencils for students, where you may also watch a short ASMR video of our pencils in motion.

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