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No one can learn when they’re dysregulated. Imagine a world where every student can bring themselves into a state of calm focus. Fewer disciplinary issues, less teacher churnout. Let’s get these tools into every hand and prepare kids for real life.<br />


Pencil in Every Hand

In the hustle and bustle of the school day, lost pencils can create unexpected hurdles for our students. These seemingly small disruptions can leave them feeling dysregulated, making it challenging for them to focus and learn.

But as educators, we can make a difference. By providing students with the tools they need, like pencils, we offer a simple yet powerful reminder for them to take a moment to pause and tap into their own self-regulation skills. It’s these little acts of support and empathy that can transform their learning experience.

Real tools for real problems – that’s what we’re all about. Join us in equipping students with the resources they need to succeed. Sign up below and become a part of creating a calmer, more focused, and thriving learning environment.

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