Balance – One Version:

“A state in which two opposing forces or factors are of equal strength or importance so that they effectively cancel each other out and stability is maintained to form a harmonious and well-proportioned whole.” Microsoft College Encarta Dictionary

So what does leading a balanced life truly mean?

Can it be defined?

Is it possible to arrange our life to be a harmonious and well-proportioned whole?

The answer is yes!

But, I know that for all of us, achieving this balance is a life-long endeavor. We are constantly on the go, eating in the car, on the phone, texting, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and etc. from one appointment to the next meeting, game and practice.  We live in a time where excess is the norm.  Very few people actually sit down, relax and enjoy life’s gifts often enough.

From my perspective, it seems that time management is one of the biggest contributors to a lack of balance.  We have our day scheduled and interference comes knocking, disrupting any sense of normalcy we were planning. When obligatory deviations occur in our daily routine, it is important to stop, take a deep breath, remain focused and prioritize.

Know your limits

I have learned to say “no” more often (albeit not while shaking my head yes – I am working on that) and, “that will have to wait until…”, or “that does not fit into today’s schedule.”

Learning to plant your feet firmly on the tightrope and walk the line between balance and imbalance can leave one feeling like they are teetering over the abyss. I consider balance as keeping oneself in tune with what allows you to achieve your full potential.

So, ask yourself, are you achieving your full potential? What does that mean for you? Is it stretching your limits, stepping outside your “box”, rising to a challenge, living a healthier life, expanding your knowledge or helping others?

To view the glass as “re-fillable” instead of as “half-empty” or as “half-full” makes living a balanced life achievable.  Wishing all of you peace, harmony and a well-proportioned whole life.