“When all think alike, then no one is thinking.” ~ Walter Lippman

Innovation is defined as a new method, idea or product and yet so few of us are willing to embrace new ideas, thoughts or patterns. Change can be a dreaded word. Innovation requires us to remain open to new ideas, to brainstorm, and allow others to feel safe to brainstorm with us.

Innovation is asking what if, over and over and over again.

Innovation-Blog-ArtInnovator’s think outside the box and are often curious risk takers who go deeper in their analysis. An innovator sees what isn’t there and thinks of ways to create change or improve upon that which we have grown accustomed. Jay Terwilliger of Creative Realities, Inc. puts it this way:

“Don’t stop thinking just because you have found a solution you like… challenge yourself to go further before you settle.”

Consider a challenge or situation you currently face. What other solutions might you innovate by looking for multiple positive outcomes?

An innovator sees the world with a child’s view: untainted, free of prejudice, and open.

Wouldn’t you love to wake everyday with the uncorrupted fresh perspective of a child? To embrace each day with a mind that questions everything from a place of innocence, curiosity and without judgment?

With some effort and practice, if we reframe our thinking, we are all capable of returning to such mental landscape.

Frank Laubach (Laubach Literacy Method) was an early innovator with a philosophy: “Each One Teach One”. He believed if you can read, you can teach another person to read. Simple.

Laubach’s idea was a literacy innovation. Think about the exponential power, the positive lasting change, his philosophy created. Countless numbers of lives were greatly improved by this one idea.

Let’s take the Laubach concept to a personal level.

If everyone reading this blog applied persistent, innovative thinking toward improving their day to day experience, one simple idea at a time, what changes might we create? Whose lives might we improve, in addition to our own, by challenging ourselves to go further, seek more, and continually ask what if?[/box]