It is a crisp December day, and sunny as I walk. The surprisingly loud honks of geese can be heard over the crunch of gravel under my boots. I am alone at the moment, but I live on a farm with my husband, and lately our only visitors are coyote, deer, and the geese I mentioned already.

Stepping onto the grass, hard with frost, I head toward the creek, its rocky bed visible despite the rushing water. Its coldness I feel, even without lowering my hand for a touch. This creek flows into a pond, and then continues South, meanderingly, through Ohio, near my sister’s home, almost sixty miles away. I wonder if she is walking her dog, and if he stops for a drink from the water that only hours ago was just here.

Usually my December days are filled with holiday gatherings and trips downtown to enjoy the holiday lights, meet for coffee, and shop for gifts. While many of us are ready to roast 2020 like chestnuts over the open fire, and missing the festive connections we normally make during the holidays, all of us at Mind Body Align are paying attention, and creating content that supports a life of peace. In our schools, teachers are collaborating with us to employ mindful social-emotional learning to adapt to changes that are coming daily, and helping students do the same. We all work together, with intention and purpose, to navigate healthy lives.

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Not too long ago, I realized that the water from the creek near my farm flows to the Mohican River and beyond to the Ohio River; it flows into the Mississippi River and all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. This same water, carrying fish, fallen leaves, and sticks, bumping over rocks, can bring peace to me, to my sister, to her friend in Mississippi, and to the fisherman in the Gulf of Mexico.

We are all connected. I notice this with awe, peace, and gratitude.

Sending joy and warm wishes!

Annamarie Fernyak

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