Mindful Education For Teachers Workshop

Workshop Overview:

Our expert teacher-facilitated workshop develops the basics of personal mindfulness practice, mindful teaching, and how to teach mindfulness to others.

In this two day workshop, teachers will earn a CEU credit while learning the definition and background of mindfulness practice for children along with the basics of mindful meditation through a series of videos, readings, reflections, and guided mindfulness practices. This workshop also covers current scientific research on mindfulness and the brain, emotion regulation, and compassion. Teachers will learn the benefits seen in children, a summary of research and neuroscience, a demonstration of lessons done with children, and a description of what our evidence-based in-school program looks like in the classroom.

What you will learn:

– The basics of a personal mindfulness practice
– Mindful teaching techniques
– Using mindfulness in the classroom
– Benefits seen in children
– A summary of research and neuroscience
– A demonstration of lessons done with children
-A description of our evidence-based in-school program




Welcome to Mindful Education for teachers. There are just a few things you will want to know before we begin. We are truly looking forward to seeing all of you on Monday and Tuesday next week. We have some final details to share with you about the upcoming Mindful Education for Teachers Workshop.

  • The workshop will be an interactive Zoom meeting, so please plan to be engaged between 9AM and 2:30 PM each day. We have lots of movement, conversation, breaks, and hands on experiences planned for you, and we don’t want you to miss any of it. We will break for lunch from 12-12:30, along with frequent breaks to read course material, move, stretch, and attend to other important needs. If you have any special concerns or needs during the time allotted for the workshop, please feel free to email me prior to the workshop, or engage in conversation at any time during the day. 
  • For more information on your Zoom experience, check out “Best Tips for Using Zoom” in the resource link.
  • You should have received a Zoom link that is unique to you on Friday via email. You will use this invitation to login on day 1. You will have a different link for Day 2. It is listed here  If you have any trouble signing in, please call 419-961-8095 or 419-612-6813.
  • You will find a list of materials needed in the resources suggested below. You will enjoy having those things during the workshop, and we strongly encourage you to gather those items if possible.
  • Other than the materials kit and your computer, it would also be helpful for you to have a journal or another notebook to take notes and record thoughts and ideas that you might have during the sessions. We’ve included some calming activities in your kit that will require colored pencils (crayons or markers are good, too) just in case you want to have those handy. You will need dish soap to create one of the activities in the workshop. What you already have at home will be perfect.

  • In the links below you will notice a link to your workbook that includes an agenda, resources, and various other reading materials referenced in the video. You might download and print some of the information if that is appealing to you. A certificate of completion will be included on the last page of the workbook.
  • Lastly, one small piece of housekeeping. Please read and sign our liability and photo release form here. We will be recording portions of the workshop. Recordings will be for future promotions and will be used in other online trainings. Your instructor will review our guidelines around recording at the opening of your workshop and set agreements for the comfort of participants. You will also be asked to acknowledge recording of the workshop when you sign in which will also constitute permission for liability purposes.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at [email protected]  We look forward to seeing you on Monday!


Technology needed: Computer, Printer (optional)

Materials Needed: Dish soap, water, and a notebook.  Recommended: Colored pencils, crayons, or markers.

Download your workbook: Mindful Education For Teachers Workbook

Zoom Tips and Best Practices: Zoom Tips Meetings

Zoom Invitation Day 2:
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 850 6099 2318
Password: 658864

Liablility & Photo release: Click here.

Order Mindful Education Resources: Educational Resource Retail Order Form

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Download this easy-to-use order form to purchase some of the great resources you have seen and experienced in this workshop. Our team has curated a fun, fabulous, and effective catalog of mindful education products including the breathing ball, rain sticks, books for all ages, and more. 

Just fill out the form and email it back to us. We will invoice you, fill your order and arrange for a convenient pickup time. 

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We know teachers don’t have time to add anything to their curriculum as new mandates and objectives are added every day. We can help. Our approach to social and emotional learning uses techniques and tools that can be implemented in as little as 2-3 minutes per day.  Every teacher and student should have the skills to meet each day with calm and measured focus, and eventually to a deeper level of equanimity that becomes a school and lifestyle habit for children.  

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