We give teachers the tools they need to relate to new students, to bring calm to their minds, and to calm any chaos in the classroom.”

— Julie Braumberger

MANSFIELD, OHIO, UNITED STATES, September 7, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Mansfield, Ohio, September 7, 2022 – When Mind Body Align, LLC collaborates with the North End Community Improvement Collaborative (NECIC) and The Ohio State University (OSU) Mansfield to train non-educators who are on the path to becoming teachers or other careers in education, their work benefits the whole community. Together, the group is working to connect the multi-generational Ohio community with resources and technology that support self-care, mindfulness, education, and training.

“Emerging Educators uses a multi-generational holistic approach to train and support community members, giving them the opportunity to serve as classroom teachers and substitute teachers across Richland County,” shared program co-leader Crystal Davis Weese of NECIC. “We are helping our educational community harness the power of diversity and focus on expanding mindfulness, readiness, education, training, access, and participation among local community members. I wanted to work collectively with a group of partners who wanted to utilize our passion for education and teaching, to connect and engage others in the process of becoming educators.”

Davis Weese built the program with Dr. Terri Bucci and Ashley Smith, both from OSU, and Mind Body Align’s President, Jennifer Blue. Blue leads mindfulness training and shares how the simple addition of these practices to daily life can support educators in life and work. Data from the Mind Body Align at School program shows it leads to positive classroom management outcomes for teachers. The presentations are regular 20-minute segments at NECIC emerging educator workshops, which includes substitute teacher training.

“Substitute teachers face many challenges in their important work. They must teach in a new classroom environment and often students are anxious when their teacher is absent,” said Julie Braumberger, director of education for Mind Body Align. “We give teachers the tools they need to relate to new students, to bring calm to their minds, and to calm any chaos in the classroom.”

Mind Body Align created a new blended learning educator professional development course which integrates the neuroscience of mindfulness and trains teachers in practices that make the work of an educator easier.

“Educators can teach kids ways to calm down when they have a substitute teacher. Our feedback is also that teachers find these practices very successful during times of transition, as they transition from one activity to another. Both these situations are true challenges for children,” said Blue. “Through simple practices, anyone can learn to calm their nervous system, make better decisions, focus, nurture better relationships, and improve coping skills.”

SIIA award-nominated educational program, Mind Body Align provides free and very low-cost continual support for educators in the practice of mindful education with educational materials on their website, on social media, on Teachers Pay Teachers, and after signing up for their news. Learn more about the workshop on NECIC’s Facebook event.

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