“Buckeye Imagination Museum and Mind Body Align have a shared goal to create awareness of oneself and others so lives are improved through learning and play.”

When Buckeye Imagination Museum (formerly known as Little Buckeye Children’s Museum) began planning a massive expansion in a new facility, many businesses jumped in to help. Mind Body Align, LLC, the leader in providing education that improves the culture of schools, workplaces, and families, collaborated on the addition of interior signs that prompt and inspire mindful interactions among museum visitors.

In all, 21 signs were funded by The Mind Body Align Charitable Fund at the Richland County Foundation and are installed throughout the museum. The Mind Body Align team designed and created the content for the signs using basic principles from their SIIA award-nominated social and emotional learning program. This program is used in the Mansfield City Schools and in other schools around the region. Teachers using the program report that 94% of students improved in relating to each other, in the regulation of emotions, and in paying attention. Aiming also to support educators, they released a new blended learning educator professional development training which may be accessed at no cost with a scholarship.

“It was great to work with Fred Boll and his incredible team to create signs that encourage healthy interaction and communication among the museum visitors,” said Jennifer Blue, president of Mind Body Align. “Shaped like thought bubbles, the prompts are written to harness the essence of each museum exhibit, to encourage the active use of one’s senses, and to invite healthy engagement with others.”

“It was an honor for us to work alongside the incredible team at Mind Body Align, who are experts in their field, to design these mindful signs and bring awareness, engagement, and more playful learning opportunities to the families we serve,” said Fred Boll, Executive Director of Buckeye Imagination Museum.

“Buckeye Imagination Museum and Mind Body Align have a shared goal to create awareness of oneself and others so lives are improved through learning and play,” said Annamarie Fernyak, founder of Mind Body Align. “The purpose of the Mind Body Align Charitable Fund is to make funds available for projects that bring critical life skills to everyone. The fund is a vehicle for bringing the proven mental and physical health benefits of mindfulness to others. These benefits include increased joy and job satisfaction and reduced stress, anxiety, and blood pressure.”

Buckeye Imagination Museum is a popular destination for family days out and is designed to encourage younger children and their adult caregivers to explore and play in a fun, safe, and developmentally enriching way. The new facility, which is an accessible 30,000 square feet, has ample onsite parking, elevators, and large spaces to play, educate, and gather for parties and events.

New professional development training for educators is available now from Mind Body Align. Find more information here and the application for a full scholarship here.

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