Welcome, fellow educators and tech enthusiasts! Join me on an exciting journey through ISTELive 2023, a conference that brought together education leaders, teachers, and more, for a transformative experience. Alongside my coworker, Linda Snyder, we explored the world of innovative EdTech and wellness at ISTELive 2023.  We discovered how industry giants are embracing wellness and the harmonious integration of technology and well-being in education.


ISTELive 2023: A Gateway to Inspiration and Collaboration


ISTELive 2023 was an exceptional conference that offered practical strategies and a global community of educators. With numerous sessions led by experts, we were immersed in groundbreaking tech tools and innovative teaching methods, leaving us buzzing with excitement.


Industry Giants Embrace Classroom Wellness Through Technology

Microsoft’s partnership with Calm and their Reflect tool caught our attention at ISTELive 2023. Reflect integrates with Microsoft Teams and promotes social-emotional learning (SEL) by fostering a healthy classroom community. This powerful tool provides valuable feedback, encourages reflection, and enhances students’ agency in the learning process.


Mind Body Align: Championing SEL for Students and Educators

At Mind Body Align, we are inspired by industry giants like Microsoft who embrace SEL practices. Our mission is to bring social-emotional learning to students, teachers, and educators. Through transformative programming and professional development, we cater to schools, workplaces, and individuals. Book a call with us to explore the possibilities.


Harnessing the Ancient Power of Self-Regulation in a High-Tech World

ISTELive 2023 showcased the exciting intersection of edtech innovation and classroom wellness, yet amidst the incredible tech innovations, we must remember the power of self-regulation. Practicing present awareness and mindfulness enhances learning, reduces stress, and empowers individuals to navigate the high-tech world with balance and resilience. Mind Body Align integrates self-regulation practices into their programming to empower learners.

Ready to explore transformative programming? Book a call with Mind Body Align today and discover how cutting-edge technology and timeless wisdom can empower your staff and students.