Thank you for supporting the Mansfield City Schools' MBAwareness Pilot Program

Achieving Positive Outcomes Together!


Your support and investment in the children of Mansfield allowed Mind Body Align to partner with Mansfield City Schools for the 2019/2020 school year.  91.5% of students reported the MBAwareness Program helped them to focus better in class, avoid altercations, and use other positive skills. We invite you to learn more about the MBAwareness pilot program results and experience one of our lessons in the videos below.

  • The MBAwareness Educational Program builds student skills to a greater extent than Social-Emotional Learning programs alone.

  • The MBAwareness Educational Program helps children to learn and practice self-regulation, allowing it to become a habit and a part of their regular behaviors.

  • SEL is now part of most school curriculums and is mandated by the Ohio Department of Education. 

“I will highly recommend this workshop to other educators because the sense of calm and peacefulness I gained for myself was so worth it. Being able to share this with my students is wonderful.”

Mansfield City School Teacher

“I have learned that deep breaths can help me calm down my amygdala and that it feels good to be calm. Deep breaths calm my nervous system.”                 

5th Grade Student, MCS

“Julie made a huge impact on my teaching. She confirmed some things I knew, which helps me continue to use, and taught me some simple things I can implement in my personal life and in my professional life.”

Mansfield City School Teacher

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