Educators subject to constant stress and trauma now have flexible professional development aimed at improving mental wellbeing

Teachers are subject to endless expectations, resource deficits, and threats of violence. Our cohorts provide an experience where they will learn ways they can do what they were meant to do – teach.”

— Julie Braumberger

MANSFIELD, OHIO, UNITED STATES, April 18, 2023/ — Growing mindfulness education company, Mind Body Align, LLC, is hosting its first-ever cohort, bringing together educators from across the country for a professional development experience aimed at supporting trauma and improving the wellbeing of educators. The cohort will utilize Mind Body Align’s new online educator professional development platform, share information, and learn mindful adult social and emotional learning (SEL) techniques.

“Teachers are subject to endless expectations, resource deficits, and the threat of violence. Our cohorts provide them an experience where they will learn ways they can do what they were meant to do – teach,” said Julie Braumberger, a licensed elementary school teacher and the director of education for Mind Body Align. “This course gives teachers the tools and resources proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression while boosting resilience, focus, and emotion regulation. Essentially, Mind Body Align is an ally to educators and is providing a pathway toward awareness, as well as ways to focus on gratitude, kindness, and wellbeing.”

The cohort will include delightful opportunities to learn the science and practice of mindfulness through the course, “Intro to Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Living Mindfully for Educators.” Participants will gain practical skills, such as learning how to cultivate a mindful lifestyle, creating an individualized plan for applying practices in life, and learning strategies for integrating mindfulness into the educational setting.

Although cohorts will begin quarterly, June brings the inaugural cohort. June Cohort participants will have access to the course from June 1 – June 30th, 2023, with a live Zoom attendance on June 21st from 7-8:30 pm EST. The Live Zoom is a unique opportunity to learn practical applications and plan how to take the learning into the classroom for positive impact. Cohort members who cannot attend the live Zoom will have alternate dates available upon request. Visit the link for more information about this educator professional development, including discount codes and school district group registration.

This course is designed to apply across disciplines and benefits all school teachers and staff, including psychologists, coaches, paraprofessionals, administrators, and more. Scholarships are available; find the Mind Body Align scholarship application here.

The course will be taught by a licensed and experienced educator, Julie Braumberger. The instructional designers, creative design team, and SEL experts at Mind Body Align designed this educator professional development to be a blended learning experience that is unrivaled. Mind Body Align takes the use of technology in education to new levels and was a finalist for the Innovation Showcase by the Software Information and Industry Association (SIIA).


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